What's going on here?

Visited States MapWell, ah, ya' see, ah . . . OH SHOOT . . . I don't have enough time to get all this web stuff done so for the time being I made this the index page so at least people can get to the stuff that is here and working. That is, assuming anyone really looks at this drivel . . . Even if I did find the time I'd probably use it to a) Ride, b) work on one of the bikes or c) continue cleaning and organizing the bike side of the garage so I can get some sh*t done this winter. As for the colored map, that represents the states I have ridden my 2004 Yamaha FJR in. As you can see I'm only missing Hawaii! I will be riding in Hawaii this November, unfortunately it will not be on my FJR.

And More:

Visited Provines MapSince I had the visited states map, I thought I should do one up for Canadian Provinces and Territories. Looks like I have some more riding to do, eh?

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